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Writing & Publishing my Book in the Midst of a Pandemic

It probably goes without saying that I'm excited for my debut book to arrive and to begin inscribing the Pre-Ordered copies. On 10.10.20 Taking Applications~Adventures in Internet Dating will launch! (Well, that's the plan. After all, It is 2020 😳) Count down has already begun. Guess I'll treat this like a rocket launch. It's exhilarating knowing I'm just a few short weeks away from sharing the fruit of my labor.

I've been told that writing your first book is a daunting task. My first-hand experience has proven those wise advisors to be dead-on the target of daunting. Plowing through the process amidst all that 2020 has thrown us has been gut-wrenching, challenging, difficult and nearly impossible. Considering the unfolding world events; from the helicopter tragedy in Jan that killed Kobe, GiGi and 7 other beautiful souls, the initial COVID-19 lockdowns, the killings of our Black and Brown brothers & sisters, the protests, the fires, hurricanes, 200K people dead, and let's just add an earthquake for effect; challenging & daunting seem to be inadequate descriptions.

Naturally, you can understand how my excitement for the book has been overshadowed by all that has transpired. The emotional toll alone almost...I repeat almost made me give up. A few very close confidents encouraged me to "Keep going; that it would all be worth it, People need a laugh," they said. "It is really uplifting and these stories need to be told." Thank you friends! The finish line is near. The excitement is building. So on the eve of the book launch, I'm hopeful for people and the world to be better. By faith, I am! ~Lyn

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